Ken Gottry - Cambridge NY History

I did it. I published a book!

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The Cambridge Valley has always been united and divided, each community holding tightly to its identity.

In 1773, the Cambridge District was formed, comprised of the current towns of Cambridge, White Creek, and Jackson. In 1788, the area became the Town of Cambridge in Albany County and was annexed to Washington County in 1791. The area was divided into the present town boundaries in 1816.

The three communities of Cambridge, North White Creek, and Dorr.s Corners, though each only three-quarters of a mile from the next, did not unite into the Village of Cambridge until 1866. Today the village spans the boundaries of the three townships but still divides itself into the East End and the West End.

Ken Gottry's ancestors, the Van Ness, Woodworth, and Hitchcock families, have been associated with the Cambridge area since its founding. His father was historian for the village, town, and church, leaving a large collection to the village archives and public library. Much of the content in Around Cambridge, White Creek, and Jackson comes from material his father amassed in the mid-1900s.

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If you're in the area, stop by Battenkill Books. It's also available at smaller outlets (grin) online such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you're interested in a peek, some of the book and photos are available via Google Books.