Ken Gottry - Cambridge NY History

n Fri 20-Oct -2017, a Japanese TV crew filmed a Grandma Moses scene in Cambridge. This was a reenactment of Louis Caldor discovering Grandma's paintings in the window of Thomas' Drug Store in Hoosick Falls (the role of Thomas' store was played by Round House Cafe in Cambridge because, well, because Cambridge is beautiful)

In the afternoon, the crew interviewed Harry Moses, the last grandson. Harry didn't disappoint. His stories of Grandma were told as only he can with a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his lips.

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 Grandma Moses remains very popular in Japan. The TV Tokyo network was filming a documentary about Grandma for their series “Bi No Kyojin-Tachi” (Great Masters of Arts). Scott and Lisa graciously allowed us to use their store front to reenact a 1930's scene around Grandma's discovery. Other scenes were shot at Mt Nebo, Grandma's home in Eagle Bridge, (now the home and studio of Will Moses) and Moses Vegetable Stand. 

Click on any link to play the associated videos. (note: some of my videos have very loud, annoying background noise of traffic rumbling past on NYS Route 67. Harry was wearing a microphone so the audio will be perfect for TV)

Reenactment of Louis Caldor discovering Grandma in Thomas's Drug Store (0:22)

Harry's interview: Life is what you make it; always has been, always will be plus Mrs Whiteside and the silver thimble (1:53)

Harry's interview: Walking to North Hoosick (3 miles) to get trolley to go to church (1:22)

Harry's interview: Christmas candy and Uncle Beanie (2:05)

Harry's interview: Watching and listenint to the Japanese TV crew (0:38)

Harry's interview: The cat and the turpentine (3:11)

Harry's interview: Miscellaneous stories (1:43)


Harry told 2 stories that I wasn't able to record.

  • One hot summmer day, the Moses boys were working in the field and they heard a terrible screaming from the farmhouse. They rushed to the door, thinking for sure that Grandma had fallen. No, a snake had gotten into the kitchen. Grandma's daughter, Winona (Aunt Ona to Harry), was in the house and it was she who was screaming "to wake the dead". The Moses boys calmed Ona down and got her safely out on the lawn. They went back inside only to find Grandma coming in the back door. Turns out she had picked up the snake by the tail, carried it out to the garden, and tossed it.
  • The interviewer said "Everyone called her Grandma Moses, but she really was your Grandma Moses. How did that make you feel, having others call her Grandma?". Harry responded matter of factly "Not much I could do about it But you know, if she'd never had painting a picture in her life, she still would have been my Grandma Moses and we still would have loved her".